Monday, February 28, 2011

Southbury History - First Government to Stop the Nazi's

Many of our guests are surprised when we tell them that the Town of Southbury was the first government in the world to stop the Nazi's.  Although there is some hyperbole in the statement, there is an interesting piece of history in the events that transpired in Southbury in the winter of 1937 when the German-American Bund - a branch of Hitler's Third Reich  - tried to build a camp (bund) in Southbury.  A movement lead by the town's two Congregational Ministers stopped the development.  To learn more, you can view the YOUTUBE video.  The words and PowerPoint Slides were done by Rabbi Eric Polokoff.  The narration is by Ed Edelson (who is still trying to get the Rabbi to do his own voice-over!).  Below are a few slides from the video:

Southbury Rally After Intention to Build a Camp is Found Out

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