Thursday, March 17, 2011

Civil War Re-enactment Scheduled for August 13-14, 2011 - Free Tickets

"On To Richmond"

This year marks the 150 anniversary of the start of the American Civil War.  Although no battles took place in New England, the war had a severe impact on the region.  Many Civil War re-enactors bring the events of the war to life here in New England as they recreate what men from this area experienced in critical battles. 

This summer there will be two special re-enactment events in Connecticut.  On special one will be in our neighboring town of Woodbury at picturesque Three Rivers Park.  This reenactment will have features not usually found at many re-enacement events like trenches and several unique and elaborate battle scenarios.  Seeing this is a real eye-opener to the personal nature of war.  There will also be the Union and Confederate military camps and the civilian village Unity.

Make it a weekend (2 night stay) at Cornucopia at Oldfield Bed and Breakfast and we will include 2 tickets to the re-enactment.

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