Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Maple Syrup Bottle Celebration at Flander's

On the evening of March 2nd a brave group of hearty souls gathered at the Sugar House at Flander's Nature Center for the first bottle of Maple Syrup and a Maple Mist toast. 

The evaporator had a full head of steam when we arrived to take a few video clips that are shown below. As to the full story of why a toast to "Morning Dove and Thunder Cloud" - well you better get over to Flander's Nature Center to hear the story. 

Demonstrations are on the afternoon of March 5th and March 6th. Or attend the Maple Celebration on March 19th. See the FLanders Nature Center web site for more information.

It's Maple Syrup Time!

3 Minute Video from the Event including description of the process

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