Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Helping Our Bat Population - It is in our own self-interest

This weekend's Maple Celebration at Flanders Nature Center in nearby Woodbury, CT featured Suburban Bat Boxes.  In conjunction with White Memorial FOundation, they are encouraging home owners to install bat boxes to give bats more location to nest.  There is a general concern that bat population is declining (some might be due to a disease known as "white nose" which appears to have the bats exit hibernation before their main food source, bugs, start to appear).  Although many of us do not like the look of bats, they play an important role in keeping the insect population down.  So to make sure our guests continue to find our private decks "bug free", we have installed our first bat box:

To learn more about Suburban Bat Boxes, here is a short video interview I did with Mike at Flanders last weekend:

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