Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stunning Fruit Paintings by our Guest

We just returned from the opening at the Roxbury gallery of our guest's paintings.  They were stunning.

Risa and her husband Doug, shown here, have been working hard since they arrived mid-week to prepare the paintings for hanging.  And although we had seen the photos on Risa's fascinating web site (,  they did not do justice to the vibrancy and detail of all the mouth-watering fruits and vegetables she has painted over many years.  She was inspired by the fruits and vegetables available at the Maple Bank Farm in Roxbury (a great place to visit when staying with us for "you-pick" as well as high quality sustainable produce) and has kept up her fascination with fruits and vegetables as subjects since they moved from Roxbury over a decade ago.  It is great to have Risa and Doug staying with us and sharing their sense of beauty and wonder in the natural world  with our guests at Cornucopia at Oldfield.  We will be glad to give you directions to the gallery in Roxbury where Risa's work will be on display for the next five weeks.
Ed, Risa and Christine at the Opening at the Roxbury Library Gallery on August 20th.

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