Monday, February 28, 2011

Southbury History - First Government to Stop the Nazi's

Many of our guests are surprised when we tell them that the Town of Southbury was the first government in the world to stop the Nazi's.  Although there is some hyperbole in the statement, there is an interesting piece of history in the events that transpired in Southbury in the winter of 1937 when the German-American Bund - a branch of Hitler's Third Reich  - tried to build a camp (bund) in Southbury.  A movement lead by the town's two Congregational Ministers stopped the development.  To learn more, you can view the YOUTUBE video.  The words and PowerPoint Slides were done by Rabbi Eric Polokoff.  The narration is by Ed Edelson (who is still trying to get the Rabbi to do his own voice-over!).  Below are a few slides from the video:

Southbury Rally After Intention to Build a Camp is Found Out

Gables Makeover Complete - What a difference in this cozy hideaway

Many of our guests have found the suite on the third floor to be just perfect - quiet and cozy.  Our recent make-over has made it even better. 

The carpet has been removed and the original chestnut wood floors have been planed, sanded and sealed. The walls have been painted a creamy white making the rooms bright and sunny.

Below are some before and after photos of the rooms:

It was a lot of work in the month of January which was compounded by the nine significant snow storms that happened at the same time.  The results, however, make it all seem worthwhile.  By exposing the original floors, we feel we are taking another step towards restoring the house to its original grandeur.  To learn more or to make a reservation go to: Cornucopia at Oldfield

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cornucopia at Oldfield joins Mesothelioma Community Resource Network

The Cornucopia at Oldfield Bed and Breakfast is proud to join the Mesothelioma Community Resource Network. Family and loved ones of those undergoing cancer treatment at The Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center or consulting with an area mesothelioma lawyer will find comfort while lodging with us. Learn more about mesothelioma or how to join the network at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maple Syrup Time!

Maple Syrup Time is a very special season in Connecticut.  The trees are all tapped and ready for those cold nights and warm days when the sap runs.  Several of the "sugar houses" are up and running to distill the sap into syrup.  There are many events in our area where you can participate as noted below.

Maple Syrup Container
  • Flanders Nature Center has demonstrations at their Sugar House in the afternoon of Friday and Satruday, March 5 and March 6
  • Flanders Nature Center pancake breakfast on the morning of March 6.
  • Maple Celebration at Flanders Nature Center on Saturday, March 19 in the afternoon to celebrate the end of the Maple Syrup season (there is an admission charge, but with a 2 night stay at Cornucopia at Oldfield Bed and Breakfast, it is free).
  • Visit the historic Ragland Farm (just 1/2 mile from Cornucopia at Oldfield) to visit their active Sugar House
Although Connecticut is the third smallest state in the nation they are one of the nations leaders in producing 100% Pure Maple Syrup. And did you know that each tap on a sugar maple can produce 1 gallon of sap per day.