Friday, June 22, 2012

Southbury's 225th Anniversary Shows the Many Connections to the Cornucopia at Oldfield Bed and Breakfast

On June 21, 2012, Southbury celebrated its 225 anniversary at Town Hall where as the First Selectman - our Town's CEO (Chief Elected Official) - I presided over the historical presentations.  It was a well attended event and my office has received many compliments.  Our featured presentation was by one of our Town's two historians, John Dwyer, who reported on the First Board of Selectmen.  They had their first meeting on June 20, 1787 at 2pm.  Later that year they would choose a delegate to vote on the US Constitution, which will also celebrate its 225th anniversary on its being adopted this coming September.

Shown above is John Dwyer sharing with Christine and I a box that contains a piece of the original White Oak tree that was the sight of where the first white settlers to this area (then known as the Pomperaug Plantation) spent their first night after traveling up the Housatonic to the Pomperaug Valley. There is an inscription the piece of wood written by Shadrack Osborne, the first First Selectman of Southbury.  He was elected along with Increase Moseley (the fourth) who became the Town's first Town Clerk.  Increase was the father of John Moseley, the builder of our house.  Another  key figure was Colonel Hinman, the father-in-law of John Moseley

There was also an excellent talk by Rabbi Polokoff, show above with Reverend Pittman and Rye-Wall, about the proud moment when Southbury stopped the Nazi's in 1937.  If you don't know the story, it is well worth a view of the YouTube video I compiled:  Southbury Stops The Bund  The three clergy talked about their upcoming plans to commemorate the 75th anniversary of this event this coming Fall.

As always, we are happy to share our knowledge of Southbury's history (and there is more) when you come to stay with us. Click here to learn more about our Bed and Breakfast.

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  1. It's so fortunate that you have the history at Southbury to connect with your Inn. I guess the name Oldfield is appropriate!
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