Sunday, September 2, 2012

When Southbury Said NO! to the Nazis - Events of 1937 to be Commemorated

I am very excited to be on the Commemoration Committee for the 75th Anniversary of "When Southbury Said No to the Nazis". As I like to tell our guests, Southbury was the first government in the world to stop the Nazis - in 1937 the people of Southbury stood up against a group of Nazi agents who were trying to establish a training camp. (About 20 of these were established in other communities in NY, NJ and CT before the American Nazi movement came up under investigation and went out of business in 1939.) 

Below is a link to a clip from 1937 movie newsreel that was made in Southbury about the over capacity town meeting (that is why they had to move to the church across the street) to vote on zoning ordinances to "keep the Nazis out". 

We have a documentary in the works that will be premiered on November 18th at the Heritage Hotel. Of course a stay at the Cornucopia at Oldfield ( would make your stay more interesting as this was the home of the chair of the committee to write the Zoning Ordinances!

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