Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Oscars, The Abbey of Regina Laudis and Cornucopia at Oldfield

Many of our guests have enjoyed a visit to the nearby Abbey of Regina Laudis.  They have gone to listen to their singing (Women in Chant) or to visit the unique 17th century Italian creche or to buy some of their world famous "Bethlehem Cheese" produced under the direction of "The Cheese Nun".  This 500 acre farm is the home of a group of Benedictine nuns who are self-sufficient: they have their own dairy and beef herds, goats, sheep, pastures and gardens.  Most of the nuns are very accomplished women (lawyers, agronomists, PhD's) who have decided to take a different path.  The best known of these is Dolores Hart, an accomplished actress before she moved to The Abbey.  A recently produced HBO documentary about her life story - God is The Bigger Elvis - has been nominated for an Academy Award.  The documentary will appear in April on HBO.  The title comes from the Fact that Elvis' first on-screen kiss was with Ms. Hart.

The Abbey of Regina Laudis is an inspiring place to visit - about a 15 minute ride from the Cornucopia at Oldfield.  To better understand this nominated documentary, we recommend a visit to the Abbey.  We will make sure we have the documentary saved on our DVR for future viewing by our guests.